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  • Mar 18, 2023

A Guide to The Process of Bathroom Renovation in 2023

Remodelling your bathroom in 2023 can be a hectic yet rewarding job this year. If you want an affordable bathroom renovation process there are a few special tips to follow to accomplish the process of bathroom renovation. Many amazing companies are available in the market that can help you with the best step-by-step process for bathroom renovation. However, one needs to perfectly plan the renovation process for the best renovation services. Here we will talk about the bathroom remodel process and try to help you with the steps to renovating a bathroom.

Plan the budget: 

Managing and planning your budget is very important while planning a bathroom renovation Brisbane.

  • Establish realistic goals. Decide what you're keeping the same and what you're altering. Consider the structure and general design.
  • Set up a realistic budget and schedule. A bathroom redesign requires money, just like any other project. Give each step additional time if you're doing the task yourself. Be prepared for delayed items and the reality that work will likely take you longer to accomplish.
  • Choose and employ experts. When performing technical tasks like plumbing and electrical work, consider employing professionals.
  • Measure everything accurately. Be careful to account for the space required to access cabinets or drawers. Choose the maximum height and depth of any lights. Verify that the tile's components are the same size before purchasing. When purchasing a vanity, consider how the height of your countertop will change if you add a sink.
  • Assemble a secure, dry location where purchased materials may be kept while the renovation is underway.

Choose the right design: 

Designing the bathroom in the bathroom renovation process Brisbane can be incredibly satisfying. 

  • Decide where to install fixtures. Rerouting plumbing is necessary when moving fixtures, such as a toilet or bathtub. Because this area is smaller, think about what will be the main attraction when you open the door.
  • Choose a colour palette. White is a timeless option due to its crisp, modern appearance. Blues or greens with a deep hue give depth. Yellow and other vivid hues improve mood.
  • Take time to study the subtleties. The finishes on faucets and accessories, which range from matte black to polished chrome, provide depth to your decor. You may complement or contrast your colour scheme with bathroom accessories.
  • Choose the greatest furnishings you can within your means. Your bathroom may quickly seem opulent and be worth the cost with high-quality cabinets, tubs, and sinks. Add storage choices like shelves or spacious drawers in the vanity.
  • Boost the lighting's efficiency. Arrange your lighting such that it is both aesthetically pleasing and useful. Think about putting job lights in the shower and around the sink areas.


The best bathroom renovation steps Australia, would include the demolition of the old bathroom to create a new one.

  • Turn off any electricity going to the bathroom at the main breaker box.
  • Stop the water supply.
  • Whatever you're replacing should be removed and stored. Cover any fixtures you plan to maintain with a drop cloth for protection.
  • Use a cloth to block the waste pipe if you remove the toilet.
  • Before you start, be aware of any load-bearing walls.
  • Carefully remove any baseboards or mouldings. Mark them to make reinstalling them simpler.


Plumbing is an important part of renovating a bathroom. 

  • Installing a new pan, shower or tub
  • Create an extension of the water line for double shower heads
  • Replace your controls for the showerhead
  • When you are moving fixtures, opt for new pipes as well.


The process of bathroom renovation screams an overhaul of the electrical system in your bathroom. Here is how to do it:

  • To handle hair dryers and other equipment, consider upgrading 15-amp wiring to a 20-amp circuit.
  • Provide connections for the ceiling lights, vanity lighting, and any other lighting in the shower.
  • For better performance, relocate the vent fan closer to the shower.

This is the primary process of bathroom renovation in 2023. Plenty of professionals can help you with the best bathroom renovation process at the best prices. You can hire our team now for more.


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