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  • Apr 27, 2023

The Ultimate Bathroom Renovation Checklist

The renovation of a bathroom is indeed an exciting job. But renovating any space is a challenging walk. There are many things to consider when it comes to renovating a bathroom. Before you begin your renovation, you must make a bathroom renovation checklist.

This renovation checklist helps the customers to chalk out the plan of how to proceed and what needs to be renovated. There are many things to consider, and one must keep their cool. The correct way to approach this is to keep the renovation checklist in hand and proceed accordingly. Today, we have discussed this essential bathroom renovation checklist in detail to give our customers a better perspective. 

Complete Bathroom Renovation Checklist For Small or Large Bathrooms

Walls- the first and foremost thing to consider in this bathroom renovation checklist in Australia is the walls. You, as a customer, need to decide what type of tiles you wish to put on your bathroom walls. A wide range of choices is available in the market for bathroom renovations. Some are ceramic, mosaic, and vinyl tiles for the perfect wall choices. The selection should be based on the pattern of your bathroom. If you are following a theme, the wall tile should also match the theme. 

Floors- when selecting floor tiles, one must ensure the material is waterproof, resilient, and fall-resistant. Without this, there is a risk of accidents involving slips and falls. The tiles for the floor bathroom renovation. They should be carefully chosen to prevent them. Flooring is a mammoth task while renovating a bathroom. You need to completely control the prices since there are many luxurious choices for bathroom floors. In addition, they maintain the bathroom renovations on a budget, while floor selection should be your primary focus. 

The Only Bathroom Renovation Checklist You Need

1. Budget

If you have not done so, you must establish a budget for your bathroom facelift. Establishing a budget will aid in directing your choices for the renovation's components. You will better understand how much you can spend on tile, lighting, and other stuff once you have calculated your maximum expenditure for Brisbane bathroom renovations and deducted the labour budget.

2. Plumbing Fixtures and Features

Plumbing fixtures are an essential part of Bathroom Renovations Brisbane for sure. That is why you need to be confident when you purchase these plumbing fixtures and other features like shower sets, basin sinks, shower tapware, bath, tower racks, shower heads, pop-up waste, basin tapware, toiler paper holders, exhaust fans, hand tower holder, bath filler, shower channel waste, etc. All these must be purchased from a reliable store, and it is better to follow a well-known brand. Make sure that these products are all rust-resistant, under a reasonable bathroom renovation cost and durable.

3. Lightings

Creating a convenient ambience with windows and sunshine is always preferred. Planning for maximum natural illumination is essential before contemplating electrical lighting systems. Bathroom lighting significantly impacts how well your bathroom redesign turns out. Some modern downlights and pendant lights are perfect for artificial electrical lighting. Ensure that the price of these lights does not exceed the cost of bathroom renovation

4. Storage

Now, storage must be addressed when planning to renovate your bathroom. Some needed things are a mirror, shaving cabinet, bathroom vanity, door stops, cabinet handles, etc. Buying these items from a reliable yet budget-friendly store is always a good idea. You can look for garage sales or thrift stores to purchase reasonably priced items. The two primary criteria that these storage units need to fulfil are the number of members using them and the size of the bathroom. Renovated small bathrooms cannot accommodate oversized vanity or storage cabinets. In such cases, you need to be more creative with your choices.

5. Work Steps

When renovating a bathroom, following a set procedure is a part of the bathroom renovation checklist. It will help you avoid expensive errors and tidy up work. Starting at the highest point of the area is the best practice whether you are renovating or tearing out drywall in a bathroom. Remodel the bathroom roof first, then the walls, and finally, the ground to protect your freshly installed items.

6. Accessories

the most excellent method for brightening a bathroom is with plants. Other bathroom renovation ideas for decorations include wall art, candles, fancy soap holders and aromatherapy candles. Here, picking the appropriate item that complements both the theme and your particular preferences is crucial. 

7. Ultimate Cleaning

All cabinets, both inside and out, floors, walls, windows, and everything else should all be thoroughly cleaned as part of the final clean. The hiring of a cleaning service can exceed your overall renovation bathroom budget. You might need a day or two if you feel up to performing it yourself.

These are a few items on the bathroom renovation checklist that must be considered. If you want the most significant remodelling for your bathroom, contact us.

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