Bathroom Renovation Process

There are many questions that come to mind when one thinks of renovating their bathrooms like where to start and how to finish the complicated step of remodeling? However, the first thing that you should do is to get in touch with a well-known renovator like Cido Property Services and discuss the steps with us and what outcome would you like the best.
According to the plan and confirmed mock-up by our designers, our company will provide you with the amount of work that has to be done and the approximate cost of the entire project.
You will be required to discuss every detail with our experts including the materials needed, the process of renovation, the cost, schedules, the steps that need to be taken, and also any necessary permits if needed.

Following Are Some Of The Steps That Our Experts Use:

  1. Initial Cleaning And Demolition

    This is the 1st step and here you will be required to remove all of your stuff that is in the vanity compartment, on shelves, and top of the sinks. Anything that consists of ceramic or glass needs to be safely removed before our experts start to swing their hammer blows. This is because broken glass or ceramics can increase the chances of getting injured and precious time can be lost in finding out small pieces of these materials. It is also recommended not to break anything connected to electricity like bulbs.
    After our workers have removed the sink, vanity, bathtub, and toilet they proceed with the demolition. First, they will remove the tiles from the walls and the floors. The walls are easier to remove and the drywall should be disposed of in the bin that is going to store any unwanted waste. Our workers are extremely careful while taking down the ceiling because drywall is heavier than regular sheets and can injure them if it is dropped by an accident.
    Our workers complete the tear-out process by pulling out the nails from the studs and creating the surface for the new walls that will be made. This process is dangerous and for this reason, our workers use protective equipment to guard themselves against heavy and sharp objects.

  2. Electrical Works

    If you live in an old home then you must consider overhauling your bathroom’s electrical works as well as they do age with time. While upgrading the lighting system or increasing the lighting near your sink or shower you will be required to connect extra wires and plug-ins for electronic devices.
    This work has to be done by professionals and it is here that the expertise of our workers comes into play as they have been doing this kind of work for well over 23 years now. They will change the electrical panels for the increased number of outlets for wiring to the lights. All the wiring running between the frames will also be completed by them before the drywall is put in place.

  3. Plumbing Connections

    Before the walls and floor is completed our workers first move ahead with installing the connecting plumbing lines. If it is a new bathroom installation then they first install the rough-ins so that there is the drainage for water and water connections for sinks, toilets, and shower.
    The drainage rough-ins are brought from the main pipe underneath the floor and connected to your bathroom while the water connections are made mainly through the walls.
    Our licensed plumbers are perfect for this kind of a job and if you think of hiring a low bid contractor then you might run the risk of getting the job done by a simple handyman.

  4. Installing Drywall On Ceiling And Walls

    Our workers are well aware of the fact that to form the walls it is first necessary to install drywall on the framing. In bathrooms, the level of humidity might increase quite often and it is for this reason that regular drywall is not the best option.
    Our experts recommend using only standard waterproof and water-resistant drywall sheets that keep all the moisture inside and do not allow it to seep through the walls.
    After the sheets have been attached to the frames the workers then move on to completing the wall with paint or installing tiles on top.

  5. Installing The Tiles

    Tiles are the best known and most commonly used material for bathroom renovations. There are tons of different styles and designs of tiles available in the market today and you as the homeowner will have to decide which design will suit your bathroom the best.
    After the design has been finalized the concrete slab on the floor will be leveled by our installers to make the tiles on top as smooth as possible. You can even go for heated floors but first, be sure to talk to our experts before coming to any conclusions.

  6. Installing Electrical Fixtures And Plumbing

    Even when the major renovation works seem to be coming to an end there are still areas that will require our professional touch. Like the plumbers will have to connect the sink, toilet, and shower head to the already existing pipes.
    And although the outlets may be present our workers will still have to connect the lights and other electrical fixtures that there will be in your remodeled bathroom.
    These touch-ups might seem to be simple enough to do and you might think that will not be requiring the help of a professional but making even the slightest of mistake in plumbing might lead to overflow which will result in additional costs.

  7. Shelving And Furniture

    In every bathroom, there are personal hygiene items present that need to be stored in the vanity or other cabinets when needed. Our experts will install your vanity and cabinets that had been selected by you and will also put the shower shelves in the place where you keep your essentials like soap and shampoo.
    Due to the experience that our experts possess this step does not usually take long, and before you know it they are ready for the final step.

  8. Final Clean Up

    This is the final step that is taken care of before our workers present the renovated bathroom to you. In this step, our workers remove anything that is left behind during the renovation process like dried cement, paint stains on the tiles while painting the floor and the walls, sharp pieces of cut tiles, electrical wires, etc.

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