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  • Dec 26, 2023

8 Different Types of Showers and How to Choose One

Showers are a common occurrence in daily life. When renovating your bathroom, you should install a shower that complements the freshly renovated design of the space in addition to new fixtures and vanities. A shower's distinctive design ensures that water sprays upon you automatically as you bathe. Therefore, picking the ideal shower is essential to making your showering routine better. You could feel overpowered by the countless types of bathroom showers that exist when it involves purchasing a new shower. Let's quickly review eight distinct types of bathroom showers and the many elements you should think about when selecting the best shower for your bathroom.

8 types of bathroom showers to consider

The following are the 8 types of bathroom showers for your home:

Curved shower-

Showers with curved surrounds typically take up a corner in the bathroom, and entrance is granted by a curved door that slides open in a beautiful arc. This type of curved encloser type of shower is very useful when you are planning for a small bathroom space. When looking for designs of types of showers for bathrooms that are smaller in space, you can surely add a curved shower to it. You might want to read our blog on small bathroom renovation ideas to get many more useful tips. Despite they cost more, curved shower enclosures make better use of available space than rectangular showers. Although there is less space for moving back and forth, you still have enough freedom to move side to side when taking a shower. A curved shower enclosure would complement your design better if you truly desire a circular bath.

Tub-shower mix-

For many years, people have added bathtubs and showers to their bathrooms as a method to double their bathing capabilities. When considering types of bathroom showers in families with little children, this type of combination of a tub and shower is very useful.  The bathtub, which is often a corner tub with three surrounding walls, features a set of taps that operate the upper shower head as well as the bottom tub faucet. Although shower-only installations have gradually replaced tub-shower pairings as the preferred configuration, types of shower bath combo are still a great way to optimize space in smaller bathrooms.

Waterfall showers-

Showering in the rain is a great way to cleanse and condition your hair. Waterfall showers provide head-to-toe body coverage at home, comparable to a salon. A waterfall shower is a shower head that is taller than a standard shower head and that sprays water with a gentle, rainfall-like flow. This style of shower likes to promote leisurely, opulent bathing, but it is not an effective choice for conserving water. The types of bathroom shower heads that are used in waterfall shower makes the bathroom look more appealing. However, no other kind of shower performs as well if comfort is your ultimate objective. So, when it comes to luxury this waterfall shower is the best type of shower for you.

Single tower shower-

A shower tower is a column made of metal with controls, an extendable shower, a shower head, and sprays at different heights integrated into it. There is no longer a need for several shower wall invasions thanks to these systems. Among all the types of bathroom showers that are available in the market, this type of shower tower provides a beautiful clean look to your bathroom. If you are into minimalist home design, then this type of shower tower is perfect for your place. Shower towers work best in bathrooms with a modern style because of their streamlined appearance.

Body shower-

The term "body shower" refers to a shower having a shower head above the head and many wall penetration for jets of water that range in height from knee to shoulder. A body shower should theoretically conserve water since it directs water more effectively to specific parts of the body instead of letting it flow downhill. When it comes to actual use, these kind of types of shower taps create an incredibly opulent bathroom.

Glass enclosure shower-

Showers with glass enclosures appear quite glamorous. One kind of custom shower is called a glass enclosure shower; it is constructed from 1/4-inch-thick tempered glass panels that wall off a bathroom corner where the shower equipment is installed. Wheelchair users and those with physical restrictions can easily utilize curb-less showers, which makes them a great option as well. This particular type of shower is extremely prominent in large luxurious shower renovations Brisbane designs.

Steam showers-

With the help of steam showers, you may transform your bathroom into a tranquil spa. A steam generator installed in these showers produces a calming environment. To successfully confine the steam, steam showers need to be waterproofed, have adequate ventilation, and have an airtight enclosure. They can provide relief to folks with respiratory or skin conditions.

Environment-friendly shower-

If you care about the environment, you should take an eco-friendly shower while opting for the Bathroom Renovation Brisbane service from a reputable company. Your water and energy usage will decrease because of its eco-friendly construction. Water conservation and sustainability are advocated by high-tech elements like aerators, smart water management systems, and showerheads with reduced flows.

Factors to consider while picking the right shower for your bathroom

There are a few factors to consider while selecting the perfect shower for your bathroom renovation among different types of shower that are easily purchasable in the market. Check them below:

Water pressure-

Excessive pressure in the water can erode the shower head's longevity and cause pipe damage that leads to leaks in the water.

Shower design-

Achieving a genuine classical look might be facilitated by the shower's conventional design and shape in your bathroom. With its classic and unique elegance, the period-style layout will perfectly fit any traditional bathroom.

Shower features-

You need to consider shower features like thermostatic control, energy- efficiency, and digital, which you find more useful in the long run.


The location of the shower in the bathroom is again a very important factor to consider. You must read our previous blog on bathroom renovation checklist when decide to renovate your bathroom.


The size and type of boiler is a very crucial factor to consider when you planning a bathroom renovation.

Selecting the right types of bathroom showers for different bathrooms

Here are some guidelines to help you choose the many types of bathroom showers in the section that follows:


You must consider the budget before you go ahead with selecting the perfect shower for your bathroom.


If you are opting for doing-it-yourself bathroom renovation, then you must judge your plumbing, carpentry, and other renovation skills before you select a shower. You need to have in-depth knowledge about bathroom renovation if you pick a complicated shower type.

Square foot-

The entire square foot area of a bathroom will help you decide which shower will go well with it.


Naturally, deciding on the type of shower for your bathroom makeover depends in large part on your lifestyle.

With any luck, this in-depth study about types of bathroom showers will assist you in selecting the right one for your impending makeover. When renovating your bathroom, it is always preferable to work with a seasoned company.

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